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Programmatic Advertising is a future of advertising

Programmatic Advertising isn't a new concept for you if you're in advertising or marketing related domains, for others it may sound familiar but not what they had been doing through their advertising, marketing efforts.

Let me clear you that Programmatic advertising and programmatic marketing is more often similar terms and people use it interchangeably. However, programmatic advertising and programmatic marketing has some theoretical differences as well, if we will dig much deeper.

In this article we will be talking about how programmatic advertising is becoming future of advertising in real world scenario and why we should focus more on programmatic rather than traditional.

We all know the emergence in technology and technically speaking, there are no industry left in the world which hasn't emerged in past 20 years excessively, so is the advertising industry. Earlier, in traditional world advertising was more about a physical process in which there was a huge manual interventions were present and to get the advertising done you need pass through the systemic and well-designed process of advertising. Later, it evolved and machines started intervening in the process of advertising and that is how programmatic advertising was born - which eliminates the manual intervention and made the process of advertising automated i.e programmatic.

The benefit of programmatic advertising is it chooses the right kind of audience for your advertising campaign. Programmatic advertising in a way itself is a whole new kingdom established by the ad tech giants to make the process real-time. The future of advertising will need some space and real-time action to get the advertising campaign done and that is where programmatic advertising will play the role. With Real-time-Optimization, no advertisers now need to wait for completion of advertising campaign to assess the things, this real-time data's will provide action-oriented real-time information to act for advertisers and by the means of programmatic advertising tools marketers and advertisers is able to get the results for assessing.

In pre-programmatic world, ad space or inventory were sold in blocks and buyers need to pay even for the those who are not their benefiting target audience but with the help of programmatic advertising those wastage of payments are avoided and now buyers started getting higher ROI compared to direct approach.

One big thing what programmatic advertising has done is that - they totally remove Request for Proposal (RFA) which was the pre-programmatic scenario and post-programmatic the advertising ecosystem became less time consuming, less paper work requirements and no hard negotiations need to done. By the help of advertising exchanges, ad networks, Demand Side Platform (DSP) and Seller Side Platform (SSP) programmatic advertising became much easier to bid on.

In upcoming years, we are likely to see huge shift in advertising ecosystem and people here in this world will have more realistic approach towards advertising, why because of following key things of programmatic advertising:-

Completely Automated - Today if we see we could find that to mange though you still need a person at ad exchange to look after but when Programmatic will integrate with artificial intelligence things will become automated.

Realistic reliable data - Due to automation programmatic is still showing the realistic real time data but post data intelligence management adoption into the programmatic advertising ecosystem percentage of wastage targeting will decrease drastically, which means although you're showing ads to the targeted audience but when the data will become intelligent it will automatically focus more on who are frequent buyers as compared those who just click on ads and get back to heck.

Impression marketing buying - Suppose you are running an app which gets 1 million impressions per ad slot out of which only 5% is the conversion rate with impression marketing coming into the picture in upcoming years there are highly chances your conversion rate will increase to 15-20% all because of programmatic approach of data and artificial intelligence.

By all this unification and advancement in advertising ecosystem, programmatic advertising is keeping up the pace and will remain the king of advertising in upcoming years.

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